Xnanga.co.uk Officially Under Construction!

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Hello there & welcome to my first website and blog!

My name is Jamie Peutherer, I’m an 18 year old University student studying Psychology & Game Design in the UK and have taken the first steps to developing my own website.

For now I’ll be using the WordPress format and making changes every so often, I plan to make the site more and more individual and complex as the years go by, a long way to go from now.

I’ll be writing about many different topics such as personal views, current events, things I find interesting, Psychology, anything to do with video games and gaming and much more!

I’ll shortly be publishing some articles on here from my Hubpages account which you can check out at:¬†http://xnanga.hubpages.com/

Anyhow, keep checking back for new posts and changes to the site.