When Government Priorities Infringe on Our Freedoms

When Government Priorities Infringe on Our FreedomsWhile many of a country’s citizens will support any piece of legislation which aims to increase their healthiness and livelihood, at what point do we allow ourselves to give up our own freedoms, liberties, and rights for such a boon? A pertinent question we must ask ourselves, especially when we don’t know if it’s going to be an even trade – the new laws may not even tackle the problem!

This issue comes rushing back to the forthright of my brain with the announcement that even more laws targeted at smoking cigarettes have been announced which aim to make it more difficult for people, especially younger people, to afford the privilege. Now, the day-to-day implications of these new laws won’t even affect me very much personally (I’m not a smoker), however, I believe this type of constant restriction of what we put into our own bodies is epidemic of the out of control nanny-state the United Kingdom has developed into over a matter of decades.

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A Man Walks-the-Walk: Taking Back Direction

a-man-walks-the-walkAs the old cliche goes, there are those who talk-the-talk and those who walk-the-walk. While I’m sure that many of us would prefer to identify with the latter group, just as many people have taken a long and slow step backwards into the talk-the-talk camp.

The fact is, for a number of us, we’ve come to find that the things we used to be good at, the things we enjoyed excelling in, the things that made our everyday lives significant, have taken a backseat. Despite this, we try to keep on living life as if we were still that same interesting, creative, and fulfilled person despite not interacting with these forms of self-improvement and growth anymore. In essence, we’ve stopped walking-the-walk but are still talking-the-talk by lying to ourselves and sometimes others about who we are and what we do.

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Why Everyone Should Try Solo Travel At Least Once

Solo TravelA few weeks ago I arrived back in Scotland after a 2 and a half month trip across Central and Eastern Europe; I now believe that almost anyone can benefit greatly from solo travel.

Solo travel offers as much fun as it does personal growth and development; part of the reason I wanted to take a trip in the first place was to become a stronger person. I think that solo travel can improve people in all sorts of ways, from increasing self-dependence, to gaining a more accurate ‘bigger picture’ perspective of the world.

Below I’m going to go through some of the main reasons why I think everyone should try solo travel, as well as some of the plethora of ways in which self-development is boosted and moulded by solo travel.

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