Love the Hate/Criticism

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I’m of the belief that if all people were brutally honest instead of following the social convention of “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” then life itself would be so much simpler.

Most don’t welcome criticism, they see it as an attack on their person and everything they stand for, when it really is not. Criticism has a negative connotation, as does selfishness, when it shouldn’t. I have learned to welcome it, though sometimes it can and does hurt my ego. After some thought and reflection however, I see it as another way in which to take another step to becoming a stronger version of myself, which is where I see a problem with the majority of people nowadays.

Think about it for a second, if the average joe received criticism from someone, what would they do? I see X option they’re likely to take:

  • Retaliate
  • Sulk later on
  • Pick out problems in other people in order to feel better about themselves.

These three options are put simply, stupid. Not only that, but they don’t encourage growth of self, if anything they encourage self-destructiveness. Retaliating only shows you’re a slave to your emotions and whims, sulking only shows you’re weak and accept anything people throw at you, and picking out problems in others just shows your denial of your own issues.

Instead of being an idiot, do this. Accept the criticism. Welcome it, strive for it. As this helps you understand two major things:

  1. You’re doing something someone does not fully understand/approve of.
  2. You’re doing something either wrong or not to full efficiency.

In the first condition, this is a great thing. Doing something someone does not approve and/or understand means you’re doing something different. Different is good, it gives birth to creativity and breaking taboos. Do you think people approved of Nikola Tesla’s experimentation of Alternating Current in trying to harness its power? A lot didn’t. And now look what comes through our plug outlets…

If the criticism leads you to find out that you’re doing something wrong or inefficiently, then this is also an amazing opportunity for you to grow. Once you know and accept that you’re not doing something as well as you could. then you can begin working towards 100% of your possible efficiency. This only leads to you growing as person, learning new skills and taking another step to becoming the strongest version of yourself.

Accept hate and/or criticism and instead of being an idiot and getting all emotional, man-up and use it to your advantage and grow. Take this philosophy and use it for the remainder of your life. If anybody has a problem with what you’re doing, use it to power through life more ferociously.


– Jamie