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It took me many years to realise that being shy, timid and unwilling to express one’s self gains no benefits whatsoever. A few years ago I would’ve argued that you get less hate/criticism from not expressing yourself, now as I stand, I love being criticised. If you receive criticism from someone who does similar things, for example article writing, then I can use it constructively to help myself. If it’s from someone just trying to rile me up and someone who does nothing expressive, I can say “Congratulations, you do nothing expressive, enjoy your uncreative life” and swiftly move on. Saying that, I don’t get very much criticism at all really.

The internet is a particularly great place to look at this outward creativity in action. Take youtube for example. People like Pewdiepie, RayWilliamJohnson, Elliott Hulse and even annoying twats like Fred had to decide one day on two things.

  1. I want to create something for the world to see and remember.
  2. I’m going to put myself out there today.

Number 1 I think is a universal experience every person on this planet¬†has or did have at one point. Human beings are inherently creative, you only have to look at even the room you’re in right now to see that.

Number 2 is the part that many don’t ever reach because they can’t give themselves that final push out of the safety of shadows, where criticism and judgement can’t reach. I feel with this, I mean even I haven’t fully embraced number two, I’m hiding behind a computer screen. There’s nothing wrong with that though.

This is a gradual process, it takes time to build up the need and want to show yourself off to the world, it’s like a ladder. I’m on it somewhere, people like Elliott Hulse & other youtubers are nearing the top, but there are those who don’t even begin to climb the ladder, they’d rather stare at it and think to themselves, “What if?”

Stop Doing That

Get on that damn ladder! But start slow…

Find something creative you can express yourself through. Something that makes you feel fulfilled. Try a bit of everything and I gaurantee you’ll find something that you end up feeling passionate about. A lot of you probably know what this is already but you’ve only dipped your toes so far. Jump the fuck in, what’s the worse that can happen?

“Oh I’m too *Insert emotional barrier here*”

Well overcome it instead of pushing it away! I think the people who don’t do things to have an impact on the world (By world I mean anything abundantly external to you) are the most depressed, they feel insignificant and in the worst cases, useless. When in fact they are not. No-one is useless. Yes I’m talking to you, we’d all love you if we knew you and what you do, unless you’re Fred, fuck off Fred.

What Do?

Find that thing you love to express yourself through and show it to the world. Start writing for the internet, start making videos, make things to show everyone – you could even start a business out of things like this!

If you really aren’t ready to share, be creative so you have something to show when you are ready. But don’t do it because you feel you have to show things off, do it because it’s your way of expressing your creativeness. We all want to see it, we’re all unique, we all create things uniquely.


– Jamie


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