3 Tips for Starting Your Own Personal Blog

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Anyone can start a blog about literally anything, and that’s exactly what many people have been doing since the inception of the world wide web. Whether it be setting up a simple and basic website to write about your personal experiences or creating something a little more complex for a very niche area, there are some great tips out there for anyone interested in this sort of thing.

As someone who has developed their own blog for almost 3 years now – and made plenty of mistakes along the way! – I feel I can offer some advice on setting up your own little piece of the internet. My blog quite certainly does not garner much of a community or even much discussion, however, popularity shouldn’t be the impetus for anyone to begin publishing their writing online. If fame is your goal, I believe you’ll find that easier going down a different route than starting your own personal blog.

Enough about my own opinions though, you’re here for tips about starting your own personal blog.

1.Consider Why You Want to Write

starting your own personal blog

Many find that they like the idea of having their articles or posts published online but fall short of this expectation when it gets down to the nitty-gritty of actually creating content. You need to push past this pitfall by having a clear idea of what you intend to write about.

I’m a big proponent of the “write whatever you feel like writing” philosophy, however, I do believe you should have some sort of overarching theme within your personal blog. Can you imagine posting an article titled “A History of Victorian Era Dresses” and then a few days later posting another titled “My 5 Favourite Dexter Episodes”? There needs to be some consistency in theme or your blog will turn into an ugly mishmash of non-sequiturs.

Have a good think about the direction you want your personal blog to take and what kind of topics you want to write about before you begin writing so passionately.

2.Then Write Consistently

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As time goes on keeping consistent can be the most difficult tip to follow, but content is king and it’s also the only way to keep your blog from descending into lifelessness. This is definitely a topic where I’m not practicing what I’m preaching. every following year from when I started writing my post count would decrease by around 50%. Don’t believe me? Check the sidebar archive to your right.

The best way to keep writing consistently is to take stock of all of your time and work out when you can realistically post every month. Start off strict making sure content comes out, before you know it the whole process will be automatic.

Very busy lifestyle? Aim for one or two posts a month or so to begin with. Good lifestyle balance? Aim for an article a week. Plenty of free time? Choose certain days of the week to always post on. It’s about finding a schedule to suit you, it’s your blog after all.

What to stress here though is that you should not sacrifice quality for quantity at any point. There will be times where you just can’t come up with something good enough for your self-imposed schedule. Don’t sweat it, use your time wisely to make your next post extra special!

3.And Don’t Be Afraid to Self-Promote

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Self-promotion is ok. Actually, it’s very much recommended.

Many – including myself – have had their reservations about self-promoting their content even among our own peer groups, but you will come to understand that it’s perfectly ok to do so. You’re not bothering anyone, you’re sharing a part of yourself with the world.

When I first began posting my writing online I was very wary, even anxious, about pressing that post button on Facebook, or that Tweet button on Twitter. Sharing links to my content somehow felt like pushing things into people’s view that they didn’t want to see or hear. This was an error of judgment and of thinking, but I later learned to change my attitude towards sharing with others. It’s a great thing for anyone and everyone to do.

With all this in mind, share away! Link to your posts on social media, on forums, on other people’s blogs and anywhere else you’d like to be featured. You can even create your own Facebook page for your personal blog and share your content there for fans who will begin liking your page. At first, your fan-base will generally consist of friends and family, which is great. With enough time and effort, you could soon be reaching an even wider audience from all over the world. The possibilities and opportunities are all there waiting.

Begin Today

Are you thinking of starting your own personal blog? If so, get started today. Free content managements systems like WordPress and Blogger are great ways to get yourself started. From there you can look into starting your own independent website to host all of your content.

Tell me about your own blog or your blog ideas below, I’d love to hear what you’re thinking of creating.


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