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Perception is Your Superpower

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power of perceptionMost people take their perception for granted as part of everyday living, however. the extraordinary take control of their perception to see and feel things previously thought of as impossible.

The reality is that you don’t experience true reality, instead, we each a have lens that allows us all to take a peak at the real world. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this lens is slightly different for each of us, meaning that all aspects of being human are tinted a different colour and shade depending on who you are.

There are clear disadvantages to having this personal lens, our perception, the most significant being that we cannot see reality for what it objectively is. Even a measure we believe to be objective, such as length or weight, is tainted by the individual taking the measure. This is partly what impedes progress in all scientific fields, and human advancement as a whole.

On a more micro level, our own beliefs about ourselves and others are warped by our lens. Some may see themselves as strong, confident, and bold through their own perception, allowing them to feel comfortable acting in such a manner, this, in turn, comes with its own set of benefits. Contrastingly, others may seem themselves as passive, unworthy, and powerless, thus, they act this way whether it is true in reality or not. This may sound like a permanent sentence to either a good or bad experience of life, but there is certainly a silver-lining to perception.

The silver-lining of perception is this: Because our own perceptions are a product of how we think about our experiences in relation to ourselves, we have the power to change and alter these to some extent. Knowing this, almost anyone can work to mould their lens into a shape, colour, and shade which will serve to help them in achieving their goals and grasping the happiness we as humans all strive for.

The Unhelpful Lens

By accepting a new way of looking at our perception, we can begin the journey to altering it for the better.

Consider this: All of the beliefs and thoughts you have about yourself are the product of how your experiences have been interpreted by your perception, therefore none of them are ever 100% accurate.

With the above in mind, whether you’re happy with yourself or not, you can see that you won’t find concrete truth in your own self-beliefs. If truth as a virtue can’t be found here, why not look to function as a the prioritised virtue?

What I mean by the above is simply this; why not work towards altering your perception so that these self-beliefs evolve into something that assists in making you a better person?

An unhelpful lens could have someone feeling inferior and ergo they end up performing badly at their job or their studies. Whether they are inferior or not is not of importance, rather the function of their self-beliefs are important in how they affect quality of life. In this case, this individual should work towards altering their lens so that they perceive themselves to be of high importance and confidence, this may subsequently increase their performance in their own domain as these self-beliefs unconsciously affect behaviour.

Identifying the unhelpful aspects of your own lens is the first step towards taking your unhelpful and weakening aspects of yourself and beginning to shape them into something useful.

Moulding the Perfect Lens

A man who only ever sees the worst in life, someone who actively seeks the negative. is being made depressed and cynical by his own perception. While the man who looks at the world in front of him and sees fun and opportunity is the one who’s perception is working for him, assisting him in finding the happiness he strives for every single day.

Changing your thinking by always forcing yourself to consider the constructive view of all life events is the key to moulding the perfect lens over time. There is always something valuable in every experience, focussing on this instead of whether the event is positive or negative will do well to improve your own perception and personal growth.

This entire process doesn’t happen overnight by any stretch of the imagination, some of the most successful and happiest people on earth have spent their whole lives developing their perception so that wherever they are and whatever happens to them, they are comfortable because they are themselves, a person that sees the value in everything.

Invest in yourself and your future by taking an active interest in your own thinking, as ultimately what we perceive is the product of this thinking. Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

Can you identify any aspects of your own personal lens that are holding you back?

How are you working to change this?

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  • Jessica

    Great article! As a spiritual blogger I’m well aware of the influence of our inner beliefs on our outer perceptions and experiences, and I really like the lens metaphor. I think that this post could have been perfect with a little bit of how-to advice – telling people they need to change the way they think is one thing, but giving practical advice on how to go about that would really help a lot of people to actually take some positive steps. Overall really enjoyed your thoughts though, subscribed and looking forward to seeing more!

    • Xnanga

      I appreciate the kind words and the suggestions, Jessica. It keeps me motivated to keep bringing out more improved content.

      I’m currently considering writing a full article focused on the ‘How-To’ aspect of this type of self-improvement attitude, and your comment has got me thinking that this is probably a good idea.

      Thanks for the sub, and I’ll be sure to check out some of your content when I have some free time (I’m a final year undergrad student with a ton of work on my plate at the moment!).

      • Jessica

        I look forward to reading it whenever you get around to it 🙂 In the meantime, best of luck with your studies – I just finished a postgrad last year so I know how you feel!! Hang in there, hope it all goes well for you.