Are We All Slaves?

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I read an anonymous poster today concerning how we all live and how we all may not be as free as we think in life. I found it to be very interesting so I will post it below and then elaborate and expand on the idea.

QUOTE “We’ve got a generation of slaves my friends and I’m not talking about the slavery that we had in 18th and 19th centuries. Its a slavery on your mind. We have 8 year olds running around with iPhones and 4g internet only to update a status on Facebook. If you are a Freshman in High-school and don’t go to parties and get fucked up you are a loser and everyone will hate you. If you are Senior and still a virgin, the popular girls will pick you from the crowd and make you feel like a worthless piece of shit. They wear make up to cover up the natural beauty because those little dots on their TV tells them: “This is how you have to look”. People would rather throw a ball across the field and punch a sand bag all day than to go to a library and read about Ancient Egypt. No one really wants to stand their opinion on a situation so they just click “like”. We thought the internet would democratize us, set us free, give us unlimited resources for knowledge, but instead all we got are YouTube cat videos, .99 cent apps and songs on iTunes and 24/7 access to kiddie porn.

Something that went through my head as I woke up this morning.”


I thought this was a very intriguing way to look at life. Surely we are all slaves to our human needs, but it would appear that we may be a slave to the media quite a lot more than -I at least- thought. They tell us that “This is how this should be” and “You need this to be happy/normal”, it’s actually quite strange to think about what cultural norms would be without some sort of media or higher power (governments etc) making them for us.

If we want to go all the way back to a point where it could be argued that no media/power controlled our norms, I guess it would be during the Caveman era thousands of years ago. No brain rotting TV or other advertising outlets and the only power I assume would be the alpha-male/leader of the tribe. But where did this leader get the norms he would enforce on his tribe? Could it be argued that in the beginning, we had these norms biologically? It would make much sense in an evolutionary light as without norms there would be chaos and a lot of people would not likely survive, especially children. I would presume that through the evolution of our ancestors, norms have developed as they have become more social creatures and this is the end result… for now.

If you don’t take anything else away from this short article, I would at least like you to think about the things you do and have and think about whether you do it because you actually want to, or because something has Psychologically made you feel that you should. You might’ve got that haircut because you thought it’d look nice, when in actuality you got it because that’s what today’s media classes as “nice” these days. Think.

Yeah, this hairstyle.

– Jamie