Is An Uncertain Future a Bad Thing?

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Planning is considered to be the right thing to do before undertaking anything, from starting school, to planning a will for the event of death, and everything in between. We’re told the saying, “Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail” over and over, but is planning always a good action to take? I mean, people say they like surprises and spontaneity, so surely it’s ok sometimes not to plan?

If it is indeed ok not to plan certain things, what things should and shouldn’t be planned for? We can’t have control and plan for every event in our lives, otherwise there’d be little in the way of obstacles in life. You could say that the small things are ok not to plan, but doesn’t that just undermine the whole idea of not planning because it is assumed that the outcomes of the ‘small things’ won’t have a significant effect on life? If it doesn’t have a significant effect on life then what is the point?

I guess the question that must be asked is whether planning is the natural default action in everyday life or not. We’re forever trying to anticipate the future in many different ways all the time, can we choose not to? I think we might be guilty of both active and passive planning. Even when we don’t go through ‘the motions’ in our head consciously for whatever we’re about to face, I would bet that we actually do plan unconsciously to a certain degree.

Does that mean we can’t not plan unless we’re out of control? Would I have to be in a psychotic state to live in perceived chaos? If so, it would seem that our pseudo-foresight is both a curse and a blessing. A blessing in that we can be prepared for whatever comes out way, but curse in that it is actually pretty difficult to be truly spontaneous and live in the moment.

Like most things I believe there must be a fine-tuned balance between the extremes to facilitate a comfortable position. Surely there’s a grey area between certainty and uncertainty? What would the word for that be and how would we reach it? I think some people reach whatever that is without even thinking about it, others may never reach it and won’t realise it, and others will realise it and take steps to reach it.

How do we not plan for the future so it doesn’t seem so pre-determined in our minds? This feeling could be due to constant self-fulfilling prophecies in perception. In that case it may not be so difficult to overcome really with lifestyle changes.

I’ll leave my thoughts at that for now.


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