Abundance Mentality

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abundance mentalityAbundance mentality is a way of looking at life which emphasises the fact that even if you miss, lose, or fail something, there is still an abundance of opportunities to try again in some form or another.

At first, an abundance mentality sounds obvious, and some may even claim to already have this outlook already as if they had inherited it naturally. While a minority may indeed possess this as a by-product of their genetics and experience, I would bet that most do not. And of those who claim they do possess it, I would imagine the majority of these people understand it but have not internalised it as part of their everyday perception.

Having an abundance mentality means being less prone to the negative feelings brought on by loss or failure. It is especially relevant to your feelings towards your sex life, your available opportunities, and your wealth. I would argue these three areas are the most relevant because they encompass large parts of our lives in which we apply a hedonistic nature to. We avoid failure and its implications like the plague and try to maximise success which brings with it pleasure.

Abundance Mentality & Sex

As humans, we are biologically driven towards sex, even to the point where logic and ethics are sometimes left behind in its pursuit. We seek this along with the intimacy, validation, and status it brings as these are all aspects which feed into us feeling good about ourselves – again, hedonism.

Almost everyone has been let down at some point in some aspect of their sex life, be it as a primal biological feeling in the form of not getting enough sex and feeling frustrated, or as a modern social feeling of not being accepted by the object of your desire. What’s a healthy attitude to this? Abundance mentality.

In this context, abundance mentality is carrying the belief with you that it doesn’t matter how many times you don’t get the outcome you wanted with whom you desire, there will always be (effectively) infinite opportunities to try again with someone else. There’s always more men, there’s always more women, don’t over-invest too early and end up being negatively affected by someone insignificant.

Abundance Mentality & Opportunities

If you’re not seizing opportunities to better yourself then you’re not growing as a person. But, with taking opportunities comes both success and failure, and some are too meek to even try knowing that failure is an option.

Abundance mentality: It doesn’t matter if you fail, there are practically infinite more opportunities out there that you can force yourself into. So you didn’t win that award? Or you didn’t get that promotion? Don’t let your overinvestment in the outcome be the death of your enthusiasm, there’s always other awards, jobs, options, and more that are sitting there waiting for you to strike.

Being process-driven instead of outcome-driven can be an especially good trait to possess in this particular instance, but that’s a whole other topic for a different day.

Abundance Mentality & Wealth

Perhaps the most difficult pill to swallow for me personally, applying an abundance mentality to money and possessions. Despite the way many of us tend to think about money, as needing to be saved and hoarded, money is abundant, banks create it on the fly in its pure number form. There’s always ways to make more money if you need it, and the number of different ways it can be done is unbelievably vast.

I believe that some forget that unless you’re saving up for something specific, the large number sitting in your bank account that you only stare at is as useful as a handwritten four-digit number I could hand to you right now. It’s not doing anything sitting there, and there’s heaps more of it just waiting to be put to work.

Abundance mentality with regards to money means realising that money is going to come in and out of your life constantly, sometimes with a negative net value, sometimes a positive one. Don’t stifle your own enjoyment by uselessly hoarding it all, there’s plenty to go around, make it work for you. Be in control of your cash, don’t let it dictate your actions.

Protip #1: Don’t take abundance mentality to its absolute extremes, throwing away money like it’s nothing, for example, is just irresponsible, find a balance.

Protip #2: Don’t fall into the trap of using abundance mentality to justify not taking genuine opportunities just because there will always be more out there. Take what positives you can from this approach, treat it as a tool for your success, discard anything that doesn’t help you.

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