Being Bold & Gaining Respect

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being boldBeing bold, asking for more, taking risks, and pushing your self-worth will only serve to help you in contrast with remaining timid, passive, and not imposing yourself onto others’ reality.

Generally speaking, Greene is absolutely correct when he says:

“Everyone admires the bold; no one honors the timid”.

– Robert Greene, The 48 Laws of Power

While some of us grow up to become comfortable with exhibiting a timid and meek personality and image, it is imperative that such people realise the damaging aspect of harbouring this type of self-image.

On the surface, being shy, soft-spoken, gentle, and socially submissive may appear to be harmless, but there are pitfalls to be found in all walks of life with these traits. Whether it’s at school, at work, in social situations, in dating, or almost anywhere else, these traits will become your demise, an Achilles heel where socially intelligent or aggressive people will prey upon you.

Do Away With Being Meek

Being assertive, gregarious, confident, and ruthless are all traits which can be developed over time, no neurotypical person needs to remain behaving in such a way that garners very little respect and attention. However, fighting the forces of nature and nurture can be a long and difficult journey if you have been developing meek traits since childhood.

The reality is that many people have coasted along through childhood and adolescence up to adulthood, only to realise that the best way to thrive in the real world is to use and impose assertive and confident traits, in work, in romantic relationships, in social groups, and a range of other scenarios in modern society. Identify traits in others that stand in the way of their potential to succeed in whatever arena, then use that experience to identify any of these traits in yourself.

Whether it’s a case of being soft-spoken and quiet, or even just not contributing very much to social situations, once these negative aspects of yourself have been identified and admitted to yourself, you can then begin to start your transformation.

Work Towards Being Bolder

Becoming bolder by asking for more, imposing your will, and wearing your image with pride. All these things are marks of the bold, something people respect because it shows that you are someone who values themselves.

It is better to put your image forward in all its attractiveness and ugliness and not be accepted than to be tolerated as a silent conformist.

Working towards building positive traits into yourself is not easy and can take years to embody. Many who are famous and successful possess these traits and have developed them to help them reach great heights. Everything you do must be accompanied by the consideration of whether your actions are in tune with who you are trying to become.

In some cases, you may want to consider choosing an extreme trait which completely mirrors the opposite of the traits you currently possess. An example would be using Narcissism as a cure for anxiety.

Do you believe you should become bolder? What aspects of your life do you think would improve by embracing a bolder outlook?

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