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Consider the following: You will never experience any other perception of existence other than your own. (Assuming technology never evolves to this point.)

There are around 7.3 billion different people on this planet at this time of writing, consider how many different perceptions that is, 7.3 billion minus one, your own. You will never be able to experience someone else’s perception, a perception that’s warped and shaped by so many factors; experiences, judgements, genetics, knowledge, the list goes on indefinitely. The curse of being conscious of the self is that you realise how much ‘self’ there is out there that you will never get to experience, like only being able to explore one room in the largest mansion ever constructed.

What continues to make this even more disappointing is the fact that you probably won’t ever fully understand even your own perception and inner-self, how you are how you are, how you see things the way you do. This thought makes it even more jarring that we are supposed to be able to understand the opinions, actions, and experiences of others with just a listening ear and a bit of thought, certainly not, at least not deeply so. Everyone is caged in their own internal world, with their own unique lens used to view the outside. We can pass notes to each other through the bars, but it’s much more difficult to peek inside each other’s natural jail cell.

Despite how disconnected I believe we all are because of this barrier, I’m constantly surprised at how well humans, in general, can do when they work together, be it for good or for bad. We organise elections, declare wars, manipulate others, achieve goals, and so much more with just our own perception working in tandem with our environment. In this way, our environment could be considered to be the bridge between our unique cores, and the wild differences between our different lenses we see the world through could be where the road bumps lay, the things that cause problems on both an individual and universal level.

I believe that working towards making our own unique perceptions of the world around us more clear to each other will only serve to benefit each and every one of us, personally and universally. How we do that is still a mystery, a mystery that will likely stand the test of time.

– Jamie

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