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In Robert Moore’s book, King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine, a very interesting  and Jungian way to look at male archetypes is proposed and explored.

If you don’t know what an archetype is, here is a definition:

An original model or type after which other similar things are patterned; a prototype.” –

Essentially in this context, it is the main types of man that are considered to be original, the types of man we can be associated with due to our actions, skill and the way we live our lives. If you still don’t understand, it will become clearer as you read on, I promise.

Some Background

Carl Jung, the famous student of the famous Psychologist Sigmund Freud, proposed his idea of Archetypes. This was the thought that universal patterns and images exist in the unconscious which when brought into the conscious, are manifested through the expressions, dreams, likes and general life actions of the individual. This idea attracted a lot of criticism for not being strictly scientifically quantifiable, but when was Psychology ever well known for that?

Jung proposed that there were inconceivable amounts of these archetypes but pointed out some of the main few he thought were important/prominent. Some of these were the

The Self, which was the personality and psyche as a whole of an individual.

The Shadow, which was thought to be the unconscious dark side of the individual which they knew existed but aren’t acknowledged.

The Anima, the man’s image of women and their image and understanding of femininity in themselves. The Animus was the reverse for women.

Robert Moore built on this idea of archetypes and came up with 4 main archetypes for men. He also talked about the effect these have on society and life for the individual.

The 4 Archetypes

So what are these four exactly? Well the title of Moore’s book sort of spoiled it, hopefully you’ve forgotten already!

Here they are:

The King

This is essentially the powerful leader, someone who is well-respected and someone who people can rely on.

The Warrior

This is the strong and physically powerful brute, someone who can best others athletically and through force, while also being able to protect others.

The Magician

This is the sometimes mysterious but interesting person who can alter the nature of things that others simply cannot, or to a superior degree compared to others. His skills are not understood by others but are respected.

The Lover

This can be a somewhat misleading title as this archetype encompasses more than it seems. This is the people-pleaser, the person who can forge good friendships and such, while also making people happy. Not only this, but expression through music, art, writing and such are special skills associated with The Lover.

Now that you know the 4 archetypes, you can probably associated with some or all of them. The thing to note is that the vast majority of people do not subscribe to just one archetype, we’re drawn to all of the to some degree, some more than others however.

These are thought to societies ideals in men over time. Coming across of one of these types very strongly is thought to be a key to appearing attractive to people according to Moore. Naturally these can be applied to modern day, real life aspects of people.

The King would be a natural leader in today’s world, someone who can take control and responsibility effectively. An example would be presidents, prime-ministers, business CEO’s and anyone who is naturally drawn to taking control.

The Warrior would be someone very athletic and competitive. They would often like to prove themselves even through non-physical means like debates and competitions. Some however could be people like bullies and sadists. Examples would be Athletes, Debaters and people who are very competitive with almost anything.

The Magician would be someone who is very intelligent and knows a lot of in depth knowledge about any subjects. Often they would be interested in things like computers, science, philosophy and academics. However even things like knowing a lot about cars, exercise or even something like hats would come under the Magician archetype. Examples would be scientists, academics, mechanics, technicians and any specialised people.

Finally, The Lover would be someone charismatic and expressive. They may be good at making friends and relationships, expressing themselves through art, speeches, writing and more. They are also supposed to be good at making others happy and being very caring. Examples would be musicians, painters, writers, conversationalists and builders.

What Archetypes do you Mostly Associated With?

I would say, like most people, that I have traits associated with all four in that I like to take control and be leader, I like to push myself physically through athletic training e.g. Weightlifting. I’m good with things like computers and delve in depth into subjects like this, philosophy and Psychology. And I’m creative and expressive in that I write for this website while also being in Game Design.

So I guess I would mostly go with The Magician overall if I had to pick just one.

What Archetype do you mostly associate with? Let me know below.

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