Money Talks and Everybody Listens

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In this day and age, the easiest (Okay, so not exactly easy) and most commonplace way to gain power is through cold, hard cash, it’s no lie than Money = Power. People place so much value on these little pieces of metal and paper notes that you could get almost anything you wanted if you are willing to pay the right price. What value does money hold though exactly?

We believe that money is worth a lot because we can trade it for things we want. If the belief in money being valuable didn’t exist, then it’d be worthless, for example: Imagine everyone in the UK one day decided to relinquish all their cash and not bother using it anymore. Suddenly the paper and metal are worth more than the actual cash because no one believes in its value anymore.

So you see, our economy and the way buying and selling goods works depends on a Psychological construct we are all conditioned to from birth. Everything has always seemed to boil down to money in some way or another which meant there would be no-one born into this world who wasn’t taught the value of currency indirectly by society. It’s a topic explored everyday, whether that be in conversation, Television or any other media, and its imperial status is always emphasised.

Michael from Vsauce explains some of this along with some other interesting facts about money in the video below:

Though money serves it’s purpose well in providing an easy and imperative way of exchange people, it comes with it’s price to pay, no pun intended.

Crimes are committed and Wars are declared for wealth but often these intentions are labelled something else to make the efforts seem justified. The war in Iraq for example, many could argue that the US have invaded simply to build relations and partnerships for crude oil aka “liquid gold”, but US officials will tell you it’s to save lives and stop Al Qaeda and such. I personally think both play a role, but I think oil is the main goal here.

Greed is often what causes things like this to happen, whether it’s countries, company’s or individuals. This is often seen when big companies don’t want to pay high taxes, they’ll hire skilled accountants that can work legal loopholes to lower the amount of tax they pay, as that is cheaper. We can all look and point the finger at these big businesses, governments and people but y’know what? We’re not so great ourselves.

Truth is that I myself, and I imagine most of you reading this would do the exact same thing if you thought you would profit from it and you knew you would get away with it. It’s all good and well to talk about morals and ethics and how we would never do such as thing but really, I think most of us would partake in the trading of morals for cash.

Every man has their price.

– Jamie