We All Have Talents In Which We Express Ourselves

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Ever since I remember, I’ve never been great at talking, verbal tasks, tests and conversations seemed a little more difficult to me than the average person, at least, that’s how it has always seemed. I often mumble, mix up words in a sentence, say words inaudibly, say something retarded and more, not because I have any physical or mental problem (At least I hope not), but because I think too much, that creates anxiety, I’m far too in my own head to effectively deal with what is going on in real-time. I’m ok with this though, I know my natural talent doesn’t lie in speaking, even though I will and do take measures to try to improve my speech. I express myself differently. I like to write. Shocker.


Without trying to come across as bragging in any sort of way, shape or form, I’ve always been good at articulating myself through written/typed words as opposed to verbally through speech. I attribute most of my successes in education due to my affinity with writing, I feel I can express myself accurately and well through writing. I can take time to think about what I want to say, the optimum way to say it, the tone I want to reveal, the emotion I want to portray, and if I make a mistake, it’s easily remedied. Speech on the other hand is very permanent compared to writing, what I’ve said, I’ve said, no two ways about it and that ain’t changing until we have time travel at least… unless we already have it.

Anyhow, my long-awaited point is that I have my writing to express myself to strongest degree within my ability, but you have something too, yeah you.

Maybe you’re a writer like me, or maybe you’re very adept at speaking and wit. We can get even more vividly creative and assume that maybe you’re an artist, you express your thoughts and feelings through the medium of creating paintings, images, sculptures, the list could go on for a long time. You also have music which I’m sure we can all relate to as emotion resonates through song, yet we all feel and understand every song slightly differently. It’s the perception, not the stimulus.

You have a duty to yourself to hone your craft, if you’re gifted in speech, go debate, do talks, do some public speaking. Gifted in musical talents? Get writing some songs, mix your thoughts and emotions with others for some really unique. Are you a writer like yours truly? Start a damn website and write some damn content! Or write about anything that interests you, fiction or non-fiction, it doesn’t matter.

On a side-note, like writing or thinking about starting to write some articles? Get in touch through the Contact page and let me know about your ideas and/or content, I’d love to have a guest writer on Xnanga.co.uk every month or so to mix things up a bit. Don’t be shy! Just do it.

Hone your talents guys!


– Jamie