We live in an Age of “Lazy Charity”

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I don’t usually choose topics so close to home when I write, mainly because I try to focus more on the bigger picture. Well in this case, what I’ve noticed is that what I thought was insignificant has come up time and time again. I’m afraid it’s becoming a trend that’s only going to get worse. This is what I term “Lazy Charity”.

Lazy Charity is when people do things that they believe to help a certain cause, when in reality they are doing next to nothing, mainly because they’re too lazy to do anything that would actually help. They most likely know what they could do to help, but instead choose to do something they think at least looks like they care and requires next to no effort. You’ve likely seen this before and may or may not have thought the same thing as me. You’ll mostly see these things on social networking sites like Facebook, for example:

  • “Like if you hate Cancer”.
  • “Like if you think Homosexuals should be able to marry”.
  • “Post this if you think babies should have iPads”
  • Or more recently – “I’ve been nominated to post a selfie for breast cancer awareness”.

Ok so the 3rd one might be a joke, but the message I’m trying to get across is that we should be afraid of a trend that’s emerging in our generation and the ones under it. The trend that it’s much simpler, quicker and easier to help a cause by putting a Like on a post, compared to fundraising through things like events, leaflets, donation boxes and more. Of course it’s easier to click than do any of the previously mentioned things, but it’s not helping anyone but the Social Networking sites.

Want to know why there’s no easy options? Because it’s usually not an easy problem to fix, that’s why so many people support these causes, and you’re not a contributing supporter in any way shape or form by clicking your mouse.

If we don’t buck this trend then it’s going to spread to newer generations and become even more prevalent. Charities and such that use money through donations given at events and such will diminish in what they can do. It sounds extreme but that’s the reality if people start thinking that anything is being accomplished by posting a selfie on the internet.

Have a think about it. On the outside it does look like harmless fun, but if it grows it could become much more of a real problem in our culture. I would encourage you not to take part in these types of things and to do something worthwhile if you feel strongly about a noble cause.

That’s my 2 cents on a very specific topic, now returning to your normal programming.


– Jamie