Why Motivation Shouldn’t Matter

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Motivation is often something people use to worm their way out of doing something, or sometimes from doing something consistently. E.g. “I haven’t been to the gym this week, I’ve lost my motivation” or “I’ve no motivation to study“. What if there’s a better attitude to have than even the highest amount of motivation?

I believe the attitude to adopt is simply what Nike have been using as a slogan for a while now, Just Do It.

Why give yourself a choice when you want to do something? You might want to go to the gym to get fit, but today you don’t feel like going because you’ve no motivation, well do it anyway. Lack of motivation is a stupid excuse for not doing something you deep-down want to do. It’s a cop-out and you’d do much better to not even pay attention to your level of motivation.

Sure it can help to ride the surge of motivation you get every now and then, but it’s a double-edged sword, you will feel the exact opposite one day and are you going to yield to it? If you can take advantage of a high-motivation, by all means do so, however I find it difficult to do that and still ignore it when I don’t have any motivation. I think taking it out of the equation altogether is the best way to stay consistent at something, then the only ways out are the legitimate ones like an injury, general disinterest and money problems etc, pertaining to the gym scenario of course.

Not only do I believe taking this approach will help in whatever you may be using it for for the moment, likely it will help you become more productive in day-to-day life as you’ll be less likely to make petty excuses. When it comes to work you know you have to do, and you know you’ll have to do it at some point, then just do it, now preferably. Either way you’re going to come to the same conclusion when it comes to this work so there’s no better time than now. That equals less time making up excuses, less time worrying about it and more time to yourself afterwards.

So fuck motivation, remain neutral at all times and just do it.

– Jamie


Featured Image: ©Sean MacEntee