Sleep is Never Easy

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I always find myself with a less than desirable sleeping pattern than I would like after a few consecutive days of holidays. As I’m writing it is 4:45AM in my country and most people are enjoying a relaxed recuperation required for their mind and body to function throughout the day ahead. It’s the same story every night for most, but why not me?

Since childhood I can recall difficulties in reaching the unconscious state of sleep. I know I judge myself to be a night person by nature, but this surely can’t be biological, I mean in today’s world, what use is it to be lively and intellectual by night and a sleepy zombie by day? Though an interesting idea just occurred to me while thinking about this topic.

Assuming that the “night-person” trait exists biologically, maybe it would have some use during caveman times thousands of years ago? Think of it like this, you have the male hunters who go out hunting, mostly during the day due to our poor vision in darkness. You have the females gatherers and carers who would usually take care of the young and gather materials/food. Now this is all going on in the day so these people must rest during the night. So who keeps the family safe at night while most people are asleep?

The nocturnal men & women!

Now I’m not saying that these proposed people had completely inverted sleep cycles compared to our normal biological clock, but their clock may have been slightly different to the norm. Seems to make logical sense to me IF the “night-person” trait is biological.

All in all I’m just speculating, thinking out loud if you will.

Coming back from my digressing to early man’s history, I want to continue on my personal experience of sleep. The question that always crosses my mind is “Is my sleeping pattern abnormal because I consciously make the decision to make it that way? Or is my unconscious responsible?” I can see reason to believe that both could be responsible. Is my mind against me!?

On the conscious side I can access, I know that I would rather be awake during the wee hours (11pm-6am) than during the day because I feel more relaxed, I can think more clearly, I’m creative at this time and this is when I accomplish some of my best work, much like an Ant. Going with this interpretation, I can safely assume that my out of whack sleeping pattern is ALL MY FAULT. That I’m complaining about not having the best of both worlds e.g. enjoying my relaxed state at night and also being awake during the day to attend university, run errands and such. No man can have all 24 hours consistently, it’s just not possible without falling victim to sleep or death. There is also my unconscious though, what if that is responsible?

Maybe my unconscious wants me to be awake at this time to fulfill what it wants, intellectual and creative stimulation. If this were looked upon in a Freudian manner, it would be that the Id wants to be up both at night and day to get in everything it wants to do, the Superego thinks I should go to bed and lead a normal sleeping pattern and my ego wants both, though he knows it’s impossible, so he must pick one or the other. Am I simply struggling to chose within a duality? Things can’t be so black and white, night and day, where is the grey area? The middle between night and day? Is that the evening? I don’t know…

Whatever I ramble on about, it wont change the solid fact that I can’t have all the night and all the day to myself no matter how much I moan and groan. I guess I’ll keep trying to keep working on keeping the theoretical Id and Superego happy.


Information about Freud’s Theory of the Id, Ego & Superego can be found by clicking Here.

– Jamie