Being Uncomfortable Means Growth

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Nobody likes feeling uncomfortable, though I know a few who claim they like awkward silences, but if you’re like me and most of the rest of us sane ones, being uncomfortable ain’t a great feeling and we do what we can to avoid the feeling. However, maybe next time you feel uncomfortable, I can persuade you to see it in a positive light.

When you’re not feeling comfortable, the natural and obvious reaction is to get out of whatever situation you’re in that’s making you uncomfortable. This is the case from tiny inconveniences like moving into a more comfortable position in your chair, to a grand scale where you’re depressed and considering suicide as an option. You’re probably thinking that depression is a lot more than just being uncomfortable, and you’d be right, but it’s the constant feeling of being uncomfortable in your own life at that point. In that state would you want to be feeling negative all the time? To dwell on bad memories? To not enjoy the things you used to? All these things are uncomfortable to endure, and what’s worse is that often the only break from this is during sleep.

The key is use this feeling of being uncomfortable as a driving force to better yourself. It’s easier said than done in a lot of situations but that is why you’ll grow so much from it, it’s not easy growing into a stronger version of yourself. When you’re faced with a negative feeling like this and overcome it, you can more easily overcome it again in the future because of your experience gained from moving from a place of dread to being ok again.

What’s even more beautiful is that when we’ve grown from this, we can help others along their path of growing by offering our experiences, advice and support so they can better themselves more easily.

They say you never forget your first love and I think I know why this a popular phrase. The first heartbreak is a mammoth of a growing experience, it is so emotionally charged and requires so much effort to endure that afterwards you are a much stronger person. Everyone should go through this, it sounds bad but it really should happen. It teaches many life lessons while also strengthening your mental and physical capacity to deal with similar situations and have a healthy, strong wall of experience to get into that possibility of being hurt again but handle it much more effectively.

In short, I think it’s paramount that we take up whatever opportunities come our way as we often feel uncomfortable trying new things for the first time. Afterwards we’ve had our experience that makes us stronger and you never know, something amazing just might happen during it, doing things leads to more options and the possibilities are endless.

Make yourself uncomfortable and enjoy the strength gained from leaving that uncomfortable situation behind.


– Jamie